Imbibing: Two Brother’s Brewery Beers @ Sola

Neat, a beer pairing: tonight at 6:30 (soon!), Two Brother’s Brewing Company is teaming up with sola to show the world that beer (microbrewed beer, anyway) is a sophisticated enough beverage to be thoughtfully matched with new American dishes. Plus, it’s all local: Two Brother’s is located in Warrenville, IL, in the shadow of Fermilab. We are imagining particles of malted barley, hops and yeast being accelerated to near light speed before they are directed towards a bottle of carbonated water, and BOOM! Thermonuclear beer. Anyway, menu is as follows:

• Mahi roll with Ebel’s Weiss

• Bacon-wrapped chicken with Domaine DuPage Ale

• Short ribs and mac and cheese with Cane and Ebel red rye ale

• Pear sorbet with pear cider

• Humboldt Fog goat cheese with Bitter End Pale Ale

Tables are booked, but there’s seating at the bar. The dinner will run you $55, which is pretty reasonable for sola.

Two Brother’s Brewing Company [Official Site]

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sola [Official Site]

[Photo: Two Brother’s Brewing Company]

Imbibing: Two Brother’s Brewery Beers @ Sola