Imbibing: One For Singles, Another For Couples

Tonight, we bring you two activities that are pretty far apart from each other on the socialization spectrum - a tequila dinner at Adobo Grill in Old Town, and a Dating On Demand “casting call”/mixer at Mad River (yes, we’ll explain that that means in a sec).

The dinner at Adobo (7pm, $43) is centered around cocktails made with Chinaco Tequila, so this is not a sampling of the finest tequilas in the world. Nevertheless, the food and cocktails sound tasty (huaraches, for example, are paired with the “Margarita de la Merced,” made of Tequila Chinaco blanco, star fruit juice and Agavero liqueur), and how often do you get to drink three margaritas with dinner and not look like an alcoholic?

So, Dating on Demand seems to be a singles-events-cum-video-dating-service-taping, which sounds perfectly appropriate for its Mad River venue. Starting at 7pm, you (okay, probably not you) can show up and chat with other singles while waiting for your video personal ad to be taped. The videos goes up on the service’s website, and (get this) are viewable on Cox and Comcast digital cable On Demand! Get the name now? Sounds like reality TV at its most desperate. Anyway, if you mention the passphrase “meal package,” $10 will get you some combination of Coors Light draft, mixed well drinks, wine and pizza to lubricate your screen test. Consider this more of a PSA than an endorsement.

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Imbibing: One For Singles, Another For Couples