Hurray For Wi-Fi!

Wireless internet, like cell phone coverage, is something we view as an inalienable right (note to selves: read the Constitution). Unlike cell phones, wi-fi is sometimes free, or at least free with purchase of coffee or tea. At some point, much of Chicago will be covered by municipal wi-fi, but in the meantime, your local cafe is a good alternative to sitting on a frigid park bench. The good folks at Gridskipper have compiled a list of their ten favorite free wi-fi spots around the city, which we think is a good intro. A quick search on MenuPages reveals 102 hotspots, but that includes pay-to-play. The number does not include Starbucks, which charges $10 a day for access. Extortionate! Ready for a scheme? This Spanish company called FON wants to tap into the cheapskate Starbucks customer market and offer your wireless up to the public for $2, of which you get a buck (details and commentary here). Will wonders never cease?

Chicago Wireless Internet Zone [Official Site]

Chicago WiFi Cafes [Gridskipper]

Wireless Internet [Starbucks]

Customer Connection Center [T-Mobile]

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[Photo: City of Chicago]


Hurray For Wi-Fi!