‘Good Evening Sir, Would You Prefer The Regular Menu Or The Cloned Version?’

The Senate just passed a bill that requires cloned livestock to be labeled as such in supermarkets and the like. The bill, proposed by San Francisco’s own Senator Migden, resulted from the FDA’s recent proclamations that cloned livestock (excluding chicken) is safe to eat.

Migden said that regardless of whether one supports or opposes eating cloned animals, it is prudent public policy to at least let consumers know what’s on their grocery store shelves.”It’s a consumers’ right to know measure,” she said.The Senate Health Committee agreed with Migden, approving SB63 by a 6-4 vote with Democrats supporting the legislation and Republicans opposing it.

As always, there were dissenters among the legislative ranks. Many arguments were made, including a pretty valid one that since cloned products have been (more or less) ruled safe, food manufacturers should not have to warn the public.

As for us, we have two thoughts on the matter. First of all, if we were in Safeway, staring at a package of goat meat and a package of clone meat, we’re definitely picking the real McCoy, no matter how safe Mr. Cloned Goat is alleged to be.

Secondly, how will this bill affect the restaurant industry? Will restaurants be forced to differentiate between the two as well? Will restaurants even opt for cloned meat? Will steakhouses like Harris’ offer a cloned menu and real menu? And if so, will diners be confused? Stay tuned.

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‘Good Evening Sir, Would You Prefer The Regular Menu Or The Cloned Version?’