Restroom Report

Gearing Up for the Film Festival at Tribeca Grand’s Church Lounge

Church Lounge restrooms.
Church Lounge restrooms.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Whether you’re going to the Tribeca Grand for its brunch (as of last week, the place screens movies for kids so you can get them out of your hair while gulping Bellinis), for top-notch D.J.’s like Riton and Trevor Jackson, or for the bevy of Tribeca Film Festival after-parties that’ll be there next week, you’ll want to know about the restrooms. The spacious facilities under the Church Lounge may not have LCD screens like those inside the hotel’s rooms, but as our investigation reveals, they’re still some of the swankiest in the city.

Concept: Zen simplicity — coral tiles, slate sinks, and some dark wood thrown in for good measure.

Privacy: Even at the urinals, you’ll have a fair amount, since they’re located in the circular middle of the room, generously spaced and facing away from each other in wall recesses. Head for the private cabins in back for still more seclusion.

Amenities: Mirrors over the metal urinals so you can peep at yourself while peeing; at the expansive stone sink, you put your hands under a slate and an oblong curtain of water descends.

Drawbacks: The ceiling speakers pump out Muzak that kills the buzz of the upstairs D.J.’s, and the blue light in the middle urinal area isn’t the most flattering.

Strategy: The bathrooms are downstairs, deep downstairs— make sure you’ve sobered up a bit before facing those steps.

Rating: 4 stars


Gearing Up for the Film Festival at Tribeca Grand’s Church Lounge