For Less Than Half The Cost Of Dinner At Alinea…

…you can study food and wine pairings under the tutelage of Craig Sindelar, Alinea’s sommelier. Now, if this guy can pair wines with all the crazy stuff they serve at Alinea, he’s got to be good. In fact, he’s so good that the event, at the Merch Mart Chopping Block, is booked solid. But we understand he’s coming back to teach another class in late May, so we thought we’d bring it to your attention anyway. The lesson ($60, 6pm-7:30pm, not that you can go) is designed to teach restaurant-goers how to select a varietal to match any given dish on a menu. We think this is really useful, because we encounter wine pairing problems much more frequently when we’re out to eat than at home, where we just drink whatever we have laying around. Given the scientific rigor immanent to mole-gas, the suggestions are bound to be grounded in the consistent, observable phenomena associated with each type of grape. So keep your eyes peeled for Sindelar’s return to the Sommelier Series, and sign up early.

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[Photo: Rachael Ray’s Wine Pairings, of all things]

For Less Than Half The Cost Of Dinner At Alinea…