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Chefs Try to Take It to the Next Level in This Week’s Issue

The new, improved Gramercy Tavern.
The new, improved Gramercy Tavern.haha

Five established chefs take center stage in this week’s issue – or six, if you count Kurt Gutenbrunner, who, per In Season, has a way with white asparagus. The others? Michael Anthony, the Blue Hill Haute Barnyard prodigy who stepped into Tom Colicchio’s shoes at Gramercy Tavern; Christopher Lee, a major rising talent who filled big shoes at Gilt; Kerry Simon, a Las Vegas–based Vongerichten lieutenant who is now doing the food for a giant karaoke bar; and finally Marco Canora and Asian dessert master Pichet Ong, whose long-awaited debuts, Insieme and P*Ong, respectively, open this week. All this star power, along with two short lists that couldn’t be more different, awaits in this week’s magazine.

• Gramercy Tavern, under the stewardship of the vegetable-friendly Michael Anthony, still manages to elicit praise from meat lover Adam Platt, as does Christopher Lee’s Gilt, hidden away in the Palace Hotel.

• Gael Greene stops in to check out Spotlight Live, a magnificently vulgar new attraction where one of the country’s top chefs spins out pepperoni pizza and macaroni and cheese.

• Rob and Robin, in Openings, describe in appetizing detail Insieme, Marco Canora’s first restaurant since creating Hearth, and P*Ong, an all-dessert lounge meant to compete with Room 4 Dessert and Sam Mason’s forthcoming Tailor.

• Rare white asparagus gets its due treatment from the hands of Kurt Gutenbrunner, who boils them up with a minimum of artifice.

• And in our two short lists, Rob and Robin supply, on the one hand, a guide to eating around the Port Authority and, on the other, a list of nature-friendly restaurants in which to commemorate Earth Day.

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Chefs Try to Take It to the Next Level in This Week’s Issue