First Impressions: Flying Pan Bistro

About two weeks ago, we put newly-opened Flying Pan Bistro up on our main site. Since then, the Chinatown/FiDi Chinese restaurant has made several appearances on our Hot Menu list while sparking much intrigue over at Chowhound, as many a downtown worker has succumbed to its temptation.

Flying Pan Bistro is the brainchild of Chef Nei’ Chia Ji of Jai Yun, which according to Michael Bauer, “is probably the best Chinese fare in the Bay Area.” Unlike the unpredictable fixed menu at Jai Yun, Flying Pan Bistro possesses a more standard approach, with many Americanized (in comparison to Jai Yun) dishes a la carte. The hot and sour soup and zha zhiang mien have received laudatory reports so far, while the (possibly frozen) inclusion of peas and carrots in a plethora of dishes has left many ‘hounds scratching their heads.

All in all, the conclusion seems to be that it’s worth a shot. After all, shouldn’t the casual outpost of the best Chinese restaurant in the Bay warrant a lunchtime visit?

You know, if we had a real nine-to-five “job” in a big downtown office building, we would definitely take lunch there.

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First Impressions: Flying Pan Bistro