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E.U.’s Loos: Admiring the Work of Our Favorite Whiz Kids

The flowers were alive five minutes ago.
The flowers were alive five minutes ago.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

When it comes to designing bathrooms, the guys at AvroKo are the bomb. We still have the bars of soap we pocketed as souvenirs of our visit to Public. So what about the design firm’s latest spot? As you’ll recall, European Union had to wait a while for its wine and beer license, presumably because residents of 4th Street were afraid that drunken patrons would end up peeing on their stoops. Poppycock! Who would do such a thing with facilities like these in house?

Concept: Fancy farmhouse, with cheery lighting, irregular tiles, exposed brick, a metal basin for sink, and a glass cabinet displaying daisies.

Privacy: The sliding doors of the two loos don’t latch shut very tightly, and shadows dance disconcertingly in their frosted glass.

Amenities: A pint glass of potpourri, a whopping four toilet-paper spindles and an arsenal of back-up t.p. under the sink, ceiling speakers piping in Bloc Party and Arcade Fire.

Drawbacks: The old-fashioned spigots sometimes belch water too forcefully. When you return to your table, be prepared to deny that it’s backsplash.

Strategy: Waiters tend to loom near the doors; go immediately after you’ve sent yours on an errand so he’s not all up in your business.

Rating: 3 stars


E.U.’s Loos: Admiring the Work of Our Favorite Whiz Kids