Elsewhere In The Menuniverse: There Are Others?

…and how it’s relevant to you, Chicagoan

In this first installment of our look around the Menuniverse (is that too cute or what), our primary objective is to alert the reader to the fact that we cover other cities as well! Secondarily, to entertain, and thirdly (since there is no such thing as tertiarily), to inform:

MP:San Francisco reports that several Bay Area restaurants are filtering and carbonating their own tap water, which they provide free to patrons. This is a really good idea, at least for consumers and the environment. Possibly restaurateurs, too; we can’t imagine that there is a huge profit margin on bottled water. Also, we were about to make fun of the quality of Chicago’s tap water, but much to our surprise, it’s some of the best in the country, and certainly better than San Francisco’s. Ha!

MP:Boston’s elegy to The Tasty in Harvard Square (of “Love Story” and “Good Will Hunting” fame) reminded us of how much we miss Gladys’ Luncheonette, the soul food institution formerly of 45th and Indiana, and now of memory. Ms. Gladys Holcomb passed away (one doesn’t use “died” for a woman of her stature) at the age of 97 in 2003, and the restaurant went with her. She could turn out a pile of biscuits, smother a pork, and keep the whole crowd smiling like nobody’s business. Truly, she was an artist.

MP:Philadelphia finds itself on a list of North America’s best regional candy bars. Chicago is not on the list, but that’s because we were the national headquarters of candy-making for much of the last century. Consider that up until about year ago, half of Downtown lazed in a chocolate fog generated by the Blommer factory. Your sweet tooth can be indulged all over the city, but for a touch of nostalgia, head over to Margie’s Candies at 1960 N Western, or the new store at 1813 W Montrose.


Elsewhere In The Menuniverse: There Are Others?