Dispatches From The Chicago Blogosphere

• This tidbit was from yesterday’s Food Chain, but we are happy to post anything and everything about prunes. And a day-old prune is still a perfectly good prune, right? Apparently, according to Sunsweet, a day-old prune is now a day-old dried plum. Well, nurtz to that: prunes have a proud tradition that ought not succumb to P.R. pressure just because it’s associated with wrinkly old people’s faces and dietary habits. Can you imagine the mocking you would receive at your favorite bakery if you asked for a “dried plum hamentaschen”? For weeks they’d be laughing.

• Actually, you know what would go good with mashed prune? These yogurt pancakes from Drive-Thru. We think that the tartness of the prune would match the tanginess of the yogurt, and both of those flavors are well mediated by sugar. Plus, it’s vegan.

• That big map up top is from Slow Food USA as part of their “Renewing America’s Food Traditions” program. The goal is to get people to start cooking regional heritage foods again, we suppose. This came to us by way of The Stew, who saw it at the IACP conference (see? Everything you ever wanted is at that conference). We think that maps like this are really interesting and helpful for understanding the world. Or in this case, where to get corn bread.

[Photo: Slow Food/RAFT]


Dispatches From The Chicago Blogosphere