Craig LaBan Visits Oceanaire

The idea of a seafood chain from the Midwest is an odd one. But then there’s the Oceanaire Seafood Room, which opened near Washington Square several months ago and has become a popular high-end destination. It’s an unexpected twist; Oceanaire is headquatered in Minneapolis and this is the city of Old Original Bookbinder’s and a half-dozen other seafood legends. In this week’s Inquirer, Craig LaBan ate at Oceanaire and found a nice, kitschy restaurant that unfortunately botched his lobster:

The kitchen had only one puny 1.5-pounder left, a shockingly short supply for a restaurant this grand. Even more disappointing was how it was presented: steamed and removed from the shell after we’d specifically requested it broiled in the shell. It was glaringly unsatisfying. And our sheepish waiter, who seemed as professional and outgoing as every other server I’d encountered here, was genuinely concerned with the mistake, which he conceded was his.But what gesture did he offer for this $43 botch? A complimentary bread pudding that runs $6.95.

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[Photo via Philadelphia Inquirer]


Craig LaBan Visits Oceanaire