Cooking: The Video Game

You knew the time would come when someone would turn cooking into a video game. The new Wii game Cooking Mama Cook Off allows players to virtually make paella, lasagna and pierogies, among others:

Unlike other games controlled solely by button pushing, Cooking Mama is played on a Nintendo Wii system with a wireless motion-detecting remote. This means players control the game with physical gestures.For a cooking game, this translates as wielding the remote like a knife, “chopping” midair as onions are simultaneously chopped onscreen. Cracking eggs has you tapping the remote against an imaginary bowl (tap too hard and yolk plops onto the counter onscreen); and buttering a pan means tilting the remote as if it were the pan’s handle.After each task, an anime chef named Mama—maternal only in the fact that she’s wearing an apron—grades your performance based on accuracy and speed. Successfully completing a dish means unlocking one more of the game’s 55 different recipes, which range from spaghetti with squid ink to mochi.

Sounds interesting, but for the time being we think we’ll restrict our dining-with-video-games to Dave & Buster’s or Nifty Fifty’s.

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Cooking: The Video Game