Brown Liquor Madness At Sam’s, CANCELLED!

Sam’s Wine and Spirits holds a special place in our heart (actually, closer to the liver) for providing bountiful, varied and cheap booze and ample parking, all in a cozy, local, family-run warehouse. Wait, hold the phone - Sam’s got purchased by a private equity firm last week? An 80% stake, you say. Sigh…and the corporatization of Chicago’s businesses continues apace. Unlike the takeover of Marshall Field’s by Macy’s, however, it seems like Sam’s is keeping at least some of its soul. Brian Rosen, the founder’s grandson, current president, and 20% shareholder in the company, proclaimed to the Tribune, “this is my life. This is what I do. And this is what I’m going to be doing forever.’” Spoken like a true liquor salesman.

Anyway, when we saw a listing for a Spirits Night Grand Tasting tonight, we practically wet ourself; cognac, Armagnac, single malts, bourbon, and whiskies of Irish and Canadian origin, presented to us supplicants by the producers themselves? Magic. We called to ask if any spots remained, but lo and behold, the event had been cancelled! The title of this post gave away the punch line, but we, at the front lines of this investigation, were stunned. This isn’t cause to lose faith entirely, as events at Sam’s are scheduled weekly through the early summer. Nevertheless, we felt a chill.

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[Photo: Sam’s Events]


Brown Liquor Madness At Sam’s, CANCELLED!