Blog Roundup: Patriots’ Day Edition

It’s Patriots’ Day (not to be confused with Patriot Day); did you show your appreciation to your local minutemen?

• Continue to make your reservations for Thursday, April 26th, which is Dining Out For Life Day. A full list of participating restaurants is available here. Meanwhile, Sam suggests stopping by Acme Chophouse, not only one of the city’s finest steakhouses but also one of its most progressive businesses. [Becks & Posh]

• Pim is in France. They have pigs there as well. C’est vrai! [Chez Pim]

• The anatomy of the buyback, continued. [Eater]

• Bunrabs is back and better than ever! Sure, we love every pixel of every photo essay at The French Laundry, but we can’t help the bitter, bitter envy that arises during viewing. [Bunrabs]

• A Chowhound-recommended charcuterie that’s not named the Fatted Calf? Blasphemy! [The Digest]

• Michael Bauer stopped by AT&T; Park for a baseball contest involving the Giants. He wondered why the Grill Giants Dog is smaller than the Super Dog. No word on his take on the Giants’ bullpen. [Between Meals]

Blog Roundup: Patriots’ Day Edition