Blog Roundup: National Edition

• Our Gridskipper gal Amanda Kludt reveals where the old things are in San Francisco. Sadly, no San Francisco Giants made the list. Thousand-year-old eggs and sourdough did though. [Gridskipper]

• Think you’re smarter than Michael Bauer and the rest of the Chronicle food staff? Prove it. [Between Meals]

• We told you that grilled cheese sandwiches have replaced Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith as the most-discussed subject on the internets. [The Grinder]

• Mario Batali’s name will be put on General Mills frozen dinners. This is almost as bad as his NASCAR cookbook. Can’t you just see Courtney Love in the supermarket frozen food section, looking absolutely flummoxed: “Batali or Stouffer’s? Batali or Stouffer’s? Well, I’ve got history with Mario, but that meatloaf is just too good to pass up. Screw it, I’m going with Stouffer’s.” [Megnut]

• And here we thought that we were wasting our time. [A Hamburger Today]

• The Social Diva reminds us that April 26th is the Sixth Annual Dining Out For Life. 25 percent of your bill at participating restaurants is donated to the Stop AIDS project. Consider this is the first of many reminders you will encounter here at MenuPages: The Blog. [Social Diva]

Blog Roundup: National Edition