Blog Roundup: Monday Afternoon Fun

• At BAB, Presidio Social Club gets a somewhat mixed review. Lots of points are awarded for the nostalgia-inducing menu and the dessert tastings, though many of other dishes are described as “poor attempt[s]” suffering from some “false advertising.” [Bay Area Bites]

Manresa has announced its special events for the year. You best run to the nearest phone before everything gets snatched up … Too late. [Manresa Blog]

• A return to a Globe reminds one diner that good restaurants can definitely remain that way, despite the evolution of San Francisco. [Gastronomie]

• Becks & Posh, relishing in the success of the last Thursday’s success, reminisces about how this whole “blog” business got started. [Becks & Posh]

• The Beer Fest: could it not be fun? [SFist]

Blog Roundup: Monday Afternoon Fun