Blog Roundup: Easter Hangover Edition

•The Accidental Hedonist follows in Wolfgang Puck’s footsteps and goes organic and all-natural. But for Easter egg dying. Same thing. In true organic form, the eggs looked worse but were more expensive. [Accidental Hedonist]

•The red coloring of Greek Easter eggs represents the blood of Christ. Cracking the Greek Easter egg symbolizes Jesus resurrecting from the tomb. Throwing away the shell of the Greek Easter egg signifies how the Pope doesn’t like abortion. [Bay Area Bites]

•Just because we love Kinder eggs, here’s a wonderful photo essay. [Becks & Posh]

•Jalapeno Girl’s Easter menu includes no jalapenos. We feel ripped off. [Jalapeno Girl]

•Never one to wax poetic on inedible eggs and (hopefully) inedible rabbits, the food critic with the most weight in the land instead muses on how many upscale eateries have become exclusive communities. So Mr. Bruni, is The Waverly Inn more of a Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard? [Diner’s Journal]

•The Chronicle’s own food guru also eschews this so-called “Easter” in favor of real topics, like the surprising lack of izakayas in San Francisco. [Between Meals]

Blog Roundup: Easter Hangover Edition