Blog Roundup: Coffee Is So 2006

• Who needs coffee when you can get your caffeine from soap? Shower Shock is a new soap that is supposed to allow the user’s (bather’s) skin to absorb the caffeine. [Fox Blogs]

• Very few things are more entertaining than a shill, revealed. And then denied. [Gastronomie]

• Exploring Chinatown–any Chinatown–should be a mandatory requirement for anyone who likes food and adventure. [An Obsession With Food]

• Bunrabs looked for the late-night dining scene and found it at Grubstake, a no-frills diner that used to be a railroad car. [Bunrabs]

• Sorry drunk hippies, there will be no booze at this year’s 30th Haight Street Fair. [Curbed SF]

• Pim returns in a blaze of strawberries in hibiscus and vanilla syrup. [Chez Pim]

[Photo via SFist]

Blog Roundup: Coffee Is So 2006