Blog Roundup: Beverages Old And New, Fading Away

• One of our favorite bloggers, Derrick Schneider, reveals that the official beer of the Slow Food movement just might be Cantillon, one of Belgium’s last remaining lambics. He even wrote a piece in today’s Chronicle about it. Required reading for beer lovers. [An Obsession with Food]

• If illegal drugs can’t be turned into soda pop and marketed to kids as “Liquid Cocaine” and “Speed in a Can,” then the terrorists have already won. Won’t someone please think of the children? [The Grinder]

• The Bay Area’s finest Japanese food blog has a beautiful photo essay from a visit to New York’s A Voce. The blog’s written in Japanese, not about Japanese food. But you can still look at the pretty, pretty pictures. [Where The Wild Things Are]

• The 13th episode of the Beard-nominated “Check, Please!” is now available online. This week, the crew visits the House of Prime Rib, among others. No cloned meat has been reported there … yet. [Bay Area Bites]

• Are you a certified Super Taster? [Jalapeno Girl]

• What’s this? A health food(ish) craze that didn’t start in San Francisco? Let’s get on the ball, people. We’re slippin’. [Gridskipper]

• Good news: Dive hasn’t dove. It’s just been pressing bacon or moisturizing or something. We’re not really sure. [Dive]

Blog Roundup: Beverages Old And New, Fading Away