Blog Reviews: Week Of The IACP Conference

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Guacamole made tableside at Adobo Grill, where the regional Mexican food is surprisingly good for a (mini) chain [Chicago Foodies]

• The Caliente in Logan Square experiencing staffing and utility problems (no chef, no gas) [TOC Blog]

• Delicious vegetarian and vegan delights at Green Zebra marred by awkward service. The millet cake saved the day, just barely [Chicago Foodies]

Jerry’s Sandwiches is expanding to Wicker Park in June, adding burgers and craft beers, and just (almost) won a chili cook-off! [TOC Blog]

• While a bit cookie-cutter in tone, Smith & Wollenskey delivers on the basics without notable price gouging [Chicago Foodies]

• Man, can those Swedes do brunch - sunny service and homey atmosphere make Tre Kronor a comforting choice all day long [Chicagoist]

• At Vong’s Thai Kitchen, pretty good noodles and curries tempered by LEYE prices and sterility [Chicago Foodies]


Blog Reviews: Week Of The IACP Conference