Blog Reviews: Week Of The Coyote

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Lovely vegeterian breakfast and lunch served up at
Dodo; for friendly indie kids, by friendly indie kids [Drive-Thru]

• The real deal - spicy, succulent, Sichuan - on display at Lao Sze Chuan; crispy smoked tea duck is a must-have [Drive-Thru]

• At Le Colonial, expensive (but delicious) French-Vietnamese fusion cuisine is in an “atmosphere seductively beyond pleasant” [Chicago Foodies]

• When you show up ten minutes before closing, even Spacca Napoli wants you out (but the pizza was still great) [Food Chain]

• A dope vegan sandwich and choice of seating areas at Specialty’s in the Loop. One room has high ceilings! [Drive-Thru]

• Paul Virant, off a nod from Food & Wine, does more than justice to seasonality with his winter menu at Vie, no easy task in the Midwest [EatChicago]

• Hip dumplings in a mall? Sure, and at Wow Bao, it tastes good too. Their packaging could be a bit more eco-friendly, though [Drive-Thru]

• Post-“Check Please” at Yassa, lots of opinionated white people, slow service, huge portions, food as advertised [Chicagoist]

[Photo: AP, via itchmo/flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week Of The Coyote