Blog Reviews: Week Of Carol Moseley Braun

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• The Cornish hen (Farouj) on offer at Al-Khayameih is pretty freakin’ awesome [Eat Chicago]

• High-low, spot-on comfort food at lunch spot Brown Sack, where the Reubens are always moist [Chicagoist]

• If you ever see a 22-ounce, French cut, bone-in ribeye with sauteed vegetables, bleu cheese and a balsamic demi-glace on the menu at Cafe Bionda, order it without a moment’s hesitation [Chicagoist]

• The mussels and beer at Hopleaf sure beat their equivalent at Wrigley Field [Drive-Thru]

• Get to know Taiwanese cuisine at KS Seafood, which mercifully employs an English-speaking waitstaff. No tofu is too stinky for this place [The Stew]

• Accessible and delicious sushi joint Midori serves margaritas with its fish and beef sashimi offerings. You may even have leftovers [Chicagoist]

• The namesake at Patty Burger
aims for haute fast food, but ends up at passable food service (like what you’d get at the zoo) [Chicago Burger Project]

• Sometimes, bakeries make the best sandwiches. Red Hen Bread does a particularly good job with turkey, which works as an ideal lakeside snack [Chicagoist]

• Now that it’s warm(er), time to head to Windy City Sweets for ice cream and candy and chocolate and bliss [Drive-Thru]

[Photo: Chicago Public Library; you know that CMB was mugged, right? Awful!]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Carol Moseley Braun