Because Nothing Says ‘Yummy!’ Like A Trauma Center

Usually, a restaurant opening in Taiwan (who, by the way, is talking pretty big these days) doesn’t grab many headlines around these parts, but suffice to say, Tapei’s newest restaurant might grab an inordinate amount of global attention:

A new hospital-themed restaurant has opened in Taipei. In what’s the latest themed restaurant to hit the Taiwanese capital, patrons are called patients and waiters dress like nurses. But that’s not all, in keeping with the hospital theme, drinks are served in i-v bags and food on the menu is listed as types of medicines.The 130-seat restaurant features crutches hanging from the walls and even has a wheelchair parked in the lobby. And if your looking for the restrooms just head for the emergency room sign in the corner. Owners of the hospital restaurant say they plan to open two more in the Taiwanese capital.

Now, we’ve seen some radical concept restaurants, from assassin-infested Japanese mountain villages to the Dixie South, but a hospital-themed restaurant just seems a little … uncomfortable. For example, is placing wheelchairs in the lobby really in the best taste?

Actually, the more we think about it, the more ridiculous it sounds (though it could be worse). Even though we’ve got tons of questions (Will it smell like old people? Will they serve Jello? Instead of toilets, will there be bedpans?), it’s probably best to put this story on the backburner. For now. But if they start putting alcohol into real IVs 

New Hospital Themed Restaurant [WCBD]

Because Nothing Says ‘Yummy!’ Like A Trauma Center