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Dear MenuPages,

I need some help. I’m going on a date this weekend but I don’t know where to go for dinner. We’re going to see Grindhouse at the Empire in West Portal on Friday night. I’d like to take my date somewhere nice before (since it’s a first date). I know there are like a million places there, but the only place I’ve been to in West Portal is Sub Center. Help!


A Nervous Tarantino Fan

Thanks for the email, NTF.

You’re right; for such a small neighborhood, West Portal has a lot of dining spots. You have a couple of different options, depending on some factors. If you have a car and feel comfortable eating in a nearby neighborhood instead, we suggest the Ninth Avenue/Irving strip. Eldo’s Grill and Microbrewery (Nuevo Latino/Tapas) and PJ’s Oysterbed (Cajun/Seafood) are both solid date spots with conversation-provoking food, small plates that you can share, flowing alcohol to loosen you up, and of course, reasonable prices.

If you want to stay in West Portal to minimize the rush to the theater, Fresca is your place: stylish, relaxed and trendy, yet intimate enough for a first date. Right across the street from the theater, it’s a welcome change of pace from the Mission-style taquerias that San Franciscans love; your date will be impressed with Fresca, especially if she’s new to Peruvian food. In the event that Fresca is booked, Fuji, one of the better sushi joints in town, is a solid backup.

Good luck on the date. And enjoy the romantic comedy.

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Ask MenuPages: The Portal To Love