Ask MenuPages: Texas Tommies?

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Dear MenuPages,

Noone ever talks about Texas Tommies when discussing Philadelphia food. What are the best places to get a Texas Tommy in Philadelphia?

GT, Queens Village

A rundown of Philly hot dog mayhem after the jump.

Dear GT,

First I’m going to explain to our readers what a Texas Tommy is. These treats are the coronary heart attack-inducers of the hot dog world: A hot dog is split in half, filled with American Cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Post-cooking, the dog is placed into a buttered bun and there’s around 400 calories of amazingness on a plate.

In South Philly, numerous spots make a damn good tommy. There’s the iconic Texas Weiners on Snyder Avenue, Moe’s Hot Dog House on the fringes of G-Ho and Grays’ Ferry and, of course, Tony Luke’s. Further afield, we have heard good things about Johnnie’s Dog House in Wayne and there’s always the Nifty Fifty’s mini-chain (locations in Northeast Philly and Bucks County.

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Ask MenuPages: Texas Tommies?