Amuse Bouche: Mmm, Wiggly

From the very fine folks at Serious Eats comes this important addendum to yesterday’s post on octopi. It’s a freshly killed octopus, served up to a lucky traveler in South Korea and will you be mad at us if we say we would maybe try it? Because we probably would. As soon as it stopped moving quite so vigorously.

Oh, but what’s that you say? You say you want to see someone EAT the freshly killed octopus? Here you go!

Just one more? Okay, then.

It’s official: we want to go on a food jaunt to South Korea.

Freshly Killed, Squirming Octopus Tentacles [Serious Eats]
Octopus Tentacles, Busan, South Korea [YouTube: cfarivar]
Live Octopus Tentacles! [Cyrus Farivar]
Octopus [YouTube: Adam3411]
Eating Live Octopus [YouTube: brucefulton]

Amuse Bouche: Mmm, Wiggly