A Decemberist To Remember(ist)

The Decemberists are coming to town next week (actually, they’re already here) to play two shows at the Riviera. We like music, but we mostly listen to what our cronies tell us to. Luckily, our friends are all obsessed elitists and usually point us in the right direction. But we’ve been lazy these past few years, so we had to ask what the big deal is. Friend-of-the-blog Geoff pointed us toward the “best” Decemberists song (Sixteen Military Wives), and we liked it:

But we digress. Chris McNamara recently ate dinner with the Decemberists at Magnolia Cafe, on account of frontman Colin Meloy’s predilection toward “Italian/French/American-fusion bistro places.” The Decemberists were happy because the restaurant was playing one of their songs; Meloy was happy because he got to eat dinner with a band he likes; we’re happy because it gave us something to write about. Namely, cheap places for you to eat around the Riviera, should you attend one of the shows next Wednesday or Thursday (7pm, $26):

• You’d have to go to Ba Le Bakery (5018 N Broadway St, 773-561-4424) before the show, but their fantastic, filling, and dirt-cheap (all under $3!) banh mi are worth smuggling past security

• Good for something really quick before or after is Shan Foods (5060-A N Sheridan Rd, 773-769-4961) where a veg samosa and a goat curry will run you under $7

• And if you’re going to party like you mean it, spend some time recovering at Golden Nugget Pancake House (4747 N Ravenswood Ave, 773-769-6700), which is open 24/7. Chicken fried steak with two eggs and three pancakes ought to cure what ails you.

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A Decemberist To Remember(ist)