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The Best of New York. Yeah, That’s Right — the Best

Lucali's, the best neighborhood pizzeria.
Lucali’s, the best neighborhood pizzeria.haha Photo: Julien Jourdes/The New York Times/Redux

The Best of New York, our annual declaration of supreme excellence in the fields of fried chicken, massages, etc., is our gathered opinion, honed down after a great deal of deliberation. It goes without saying that every New Yorker is entitled to his own conclusions. But you can at least credit the collective food brain at New York with getting around to a lot of restaurants (and other places where one eats). Here we cover the high and the low, from French fries to fugu. Is your most admired pot sticker or beloved cupcake on the list? And is it possible — just possible — that our pick could be better?

Some of the awards, like those for fried chicken and meatballs, go against conventional wisdom, a Korean sports bar taking the former and a Greek restaurant the latter; others second the vox populi, as in our burger chart, where both Rob Patronite and Adam Platt choose Shake Shack. There are picks for things that are rarely contested, like the aforementioned fugu, and categories that are so broad that disagreement is totally inevitable, like lunch. And then there is so, so much more.

Best of New York: Food [NYM]

The Best of New York. Yeah, That’s Right — the Best