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‘New Yorker’ Backs Up the Chowhounds; Sietsema Uncovers a Food Court’s Secrets

The New Yorker discovers Sripraphai, and though baffled by its vast and uneven menu, admits that the chowhounds were right to glorify the place. [NYer]

Sietsema provides his readers with a major service this week, guiding them through one of the city’s best and most baffling food courts in the Flushing’s J&L; Mall [VV]

Rosanjin gets the two-star Bruni treatment in its first review, and seems to only have missed a third star by reason of anticlimactic later courses. Still, an auspicious start. [NYT]

Alan Richman hits ’21’, which has a new chef but the same vibe. He’s got mixed feelings about the food but loves a few dishes, the wine list, and the overall old-school feel. [Bloomberg]

Meehan praises Restaurante Las Americas, a Sunnyside carniceria (“meat house,” roughly), for its solid food and low prices. [NYT]

Paul Adams ladles more praise on Caffe Falai; everyone seems to agree that it’s up to par with the pitch-perfect Falai. [NYS]
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Ryan Sutton drops in early on Bemelmans Bar and Azza, as is his custom, and seems to like the cocktails at the former and the food at the latter. [Bloomberg]
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E.U.’s new chef, Akhtar Nawab, gets a glowing write-up from Randall Lane, who points out how much strife the spot went through prior to the cook’s arrival. [TONY]

‘New Yorker’ Backs Up the Chowhounds; Sietsema Uncovers a Food