The Herald’s ‘Dining Out’ Digested, 3/23/07

Mat Schaffer takes a look at Salem Street’s “new North End” with stops at Goody Glovers, Eclano, Neptune Oyster, Antico Forno, and L’Osteria.

While he’s on Salem Street, Schaffer also checks out the grocery options on the block

Kerry Byrne finds that “the years have been kind to Central Kitchen.”

Mat Schaffer (who wins the busy bee award of the week) catches up with soon-to-be-married Masa chef Sean Wesoky.

Finally, the Herald continues its slightly baffling capsule reviews section, in which grades seem to be arbitrarily assigned to restaurants. The Middle East, for example, gets a B-, but the two-sentence review gives no information about the food and in fact, says “World leaders could learn a lot here.” Buh-guh-wha?

The Herald’s ‘Dining Out’ Digested, 3/23/07