Worst Celebrity Tip Ever; San Gennaro All Done?

If the community board’s street-events committee has its way, the San Gennaro festival may get the boot from Little Italy. [NYDN]

Jeremy Piven is now banned from all Nobu restaurants for taking a table for twelve in Aspen and then tipping the waiter with an Entourage DVD. [Jewtastic]

A morbid look, inspired by the DeMarco’s tragedy, at the history of restaurant shootings and their aftermaths. [NYS]

A school bus converted into a makeshift matzo factory shut down by police, who call it a fire hazard. [NYP]

Nudie bar Cheetah’s opens tomorrow, introducing its take on the vile art of nyotaimori, in which sushi is served on a partially naked woman. [Gawker]

Molecular gastronomists gone wild: a “periodic table of desserts” unveiled. [Eblong via Ruhlman]

Worst Celebrity Tip Ever; San Gennaro All Done?