Openings for Dieterle, Pelaccio; Strange Beard Bylaws

Zak Pelaccio and Top Chef’s Harold Dieterle open new restaurants. [NYT]
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And Jeffrey Chodorow’s new Malaysian restaurant, for which Pelaccio was consulting chef, opens in London. [This Is London]
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The rat expert who instructed the Department of Health says the city is a rodent’s paradise. [WP]

The James Beard Awards have some strange bylaws. [Snack]

Meanwhile, the award ceremony is returning to Lincoln Center after a number of years at the Marriott Marquis. [NYT]

Do Korea’s Pinkberry and Italy’s Yolato represent a yogurt “culture clash”? [NYP]

David Burke is opening a major restaurant in Las Vegas. [SuperChef]

Upscale Latino stores, catering to second- and third-generation Americans, are on the rise. [NYT]

When you see a neighborhood place billing itself as Asian fusion, run: It’s a reliable sign of mediocrity. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Openings for Dieterle, Pelaccio; Strange Beard Bylaws