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My Name Is Evelyn, and I’m a Chile Relleno Addict

The downside? Dress code.Photo: Melissa Hom
Dear Grub Street,

I just got back from a glorious trip to San Diego, where I managed to develop a minor addiction to chile relleno burritos. Now, in a quest to get this food on the East Coast, I am finding that, well, I can’t find it anywhere! Am I going to have to book a flight back, freeze-wrap a few, and bring them home? Open up my own stand? Help!


Things aren’t as dire as you seem to think. Chile rellenos — roasted, peeled ancho peppers filled with meat or cheese and then doused with a spicy red sauce — are one of the all-time classic Mexican dishes, and New York happens to have a lot of places that make them well. Rather than looking around for a “chile relleno burrito” per se, though, you’d do well to find the best pepper you can get and have the kitchen make you a burrito with it.

As it happens, though, we do have a favorite chile relleno burrito, and you can find it at Puebla, a tiny, family-operated operation at 47 First Avenue (between 2nd and 3rd Streets). The place is no-frills, but the peppers are fresh and plump, and the owners no strangers to burritos.

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My Name Is Evelyn, and I’m a Chile Relleno Addict