Kitchen Abuse Exposed; Health Department Shutdowns Triple

Apparently, abuse of every kind is rampant in kitchens. Herewith, complaints leveled against Daniel, Jean Georges, Megu, Babbo, and more. [NYP]

Post–KFC–Taco Bell scandal, New York restaurant closures triple. [NYP]

Morandi is, like every other Keith McNally venture, a smashing success, and likely to remain so. [NYP]

Kenny Shopsin, everybody’s favorite eccentric short-order cook, cleverly announces the imminent opening of his Essex Street Market stand with a release in the form of a maze (it alludes to the permit process). [Eater]
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The Coffee Shop isn’t closed; it’s just another victim of an overcompensating Health Department. [Eater]

Ernest Gallo remembered as a brilliant industrialist whose mass-production approach to wine was a historical relic by the time of his death. [NYS]

Malcolm McLaren reminisces about being trained in the art of wine tasting. [NYT]

Irish food, long derided, is finally gaining some respect, thanks to the work of chefs like Dublin 6’s Donal Crosbie. [NYDN]
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Ever wonder where your fortune cookies come from? The odds are good that they were made at a factory in Long Island City that produces four and a half million per day. [NYDN]

Kitchen Abuse Exposed; Health Department Shutdowns Triple