The New York Diet

Director Morgan Spurlock Splurges at Per Se, Loves Peanut-Butter Doughnuts

“I didn’t eat until I came home for dinner.”haha Photo: Melissa Hom

What do diners do when Morgan Spurlock, director of Super Size Me, is sitting at the next table? “They’ll either watch what I’m eating,” says Spurlock, “or they’ll start to make excuses for what they’re eating.” No need for apologies, it turns out; though he hasn’t eaten a Big Mac since the film (he’s currently finishing shooting a second documentary), Spurlock enjoys a burger as much as the next guy. This week he and his wife, who just “spawned and swam across the river” to Park Slope, were especially indulgent. “You’re supposed to gain sympathy weight when your wife is pregnant, but I’ve put on more weight since we’ve had the kid.” So where did he pack on the pounds this week?

Thursday, March 29
I was still in a bit of a food coma from my Per Se extravaganza the night before. I was a little truffled out. At lunch I had a burger at Soho Park, a great little café that used to be a gas-station parking garage. I’m a fan of places that make their burgers by hand and grind their own meat.

This afternoon I had some North Fork potato chips. They’re made in Long Island.

Wednesday, March 28
I had to see my accountant in midtown. I went to a small, local sandwich shop and had a sandwich with eggplant, peppers, cucumber, and lettuce.

Dinner was at Per Se. You’ve got to love a place where dinner takes more time than it does to run a marathon. By the time we left at 11:30 p.m., I was like, “Quick, let’s get out of here before the chef sees us and brings another course.” Four people come out and set the trays in front of you at the same time and take the lids off in unison.

My favorite thing was a duck breast that had been sliced about half an inch thick. There was a banana purée with it as well as a Belgian endive salad.

There was pearl tapioca with oysters and white sturgeon caviar. The texture of the caviar against the texture of tapioca was amazing.

Dessert: They stretch this chocolate that looks like a flame and put it on top of a brownie. Then they have coffee ice cream with coffee cream and candied pecans all over it.

Tuesday, March 27
I had been bragging to my in-laws about the best doughnuts in NYC, at the Doughnut Plant. They’re so fantastic but so rich. The chocolate-covered chocolate donuts are filled with chocolate cream! And they have peanut-butter doughnuts with actual peanut butter inside.

For lunch, we ordered from East Ahana. I usually get a Chinese noodle soup with really thin noodles and pieces of chicken and eggs.

It was my wife Alex’s birthday so that night we went to Little Dishes in Park Slope. I’m a big fan of the swine; I had a pork belly with pieces of pork loin — almost like medallions — cut over potatoes and beets. I started with the beet salad. Then we went back to my house for vegan birthday cake from Tastycakes. My wife is vegan, but she’s really supportive. I’ve had friends who say, “If you’re going to eat that meat, you’ll have to brush your teeth before I kiss you.” She’s not like that. Although I won’t get up in the morning and start frying bacon up!

Monday, March 26
I came into work super-early. I had some juice for breakfast.

I went to Gourmet Garage and purchased beef stew and ate it at the office.

I ate at home with Alex and her folks; we had leftovers that night.

Sunday, March 25
We walked down to the Tea Lounge and I had a coffee and a scone. I didn’t eat until I came home for dinner. We cooked a stew of sea vegetables like nori and all-natural, good lentils that we got at Back to the Land.

Saturday, March 24
I got a chicken parm at Dom’s. It feels like one of those great institutions that could close any day now because the people have worked there a long time.

I had dinner with Alex, and she had a vegetable stir-fry. She’s a chef, and we just had a baby. She doesn’t do a lot of cooking, so whenever she does, it’s a treat.

Friday, March 23
At Da Silvano I had oxtail stuffed into a cheese shell.

That night we went to Puck Fair after we finished working at the office. We got some fish and chips and bite-size grilled-cheese sandwiches. We had just gotten some good news about a film we made — What Would Jesus Buy — so we grabbed a couple pints. We don’t need really good reasons to celebrate at my company; we just need a little bit of good news.

Director Morgan Spurlock Splurges at Per Se, Loves Peanut-Butter Doughnuts