Death & Co. Comes Back From the Dead Tonight

This morning brings good news from Death & Co.’s Dave Kaplan:

After a long dry spell, Death & Co. celebrates its reopening tonight!
We will open tonight at 6pm and resume normal operating hours. Please join us for a celebratory drink.

Long dry spell? Dave, tell that to Dave Brodrick, who was bone-dry for months before finally reopening the Blind Tiger last night. (We were there to hoist a celebratory Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball.) Either way, it’s a good week to be a Dave. —Daniel Maurer

Update: Don’t raise that celebratory drink too high. SLA spokesman Bill Crowley tells us Death & Co., New York’s Best Cocktail Bar for Downing the Brown, is still under investigation and has merely been granted permission to operate while the Authority decides whether to renew its license.

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Death & Co. Comes Back From the Dead Tonight