Citypaper In A Nutshell (02/22)

· Elisa Ludwig goes to Xochitl. Highlight: “If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating corn smut, consider this your chance.”

· There are a million reasons why CP thinks you should buy game from a proper vendor. Top among them: bloody meat.

· Drew Lazor welcomes Smith’s and Uzu to town. Mmm… Raising Arizona rolls.

· I have no idea where Macungie, Pennsylvania is. But apparently they’re the home of the Barista Bowl, sponsored by Murky Coffee.

· Hey, tea is good for your health.

· CP’s bar of the week, West Philly’s Dee’s Hideaway, has a strict policy of only serving drinks to the 30+ crowd.


Citypaper In A Nutshell (02/22)