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Anthos Broadsided, Gramercy Tavern Hammered

Bruni sympathetically reviews Nish, handing down two stars, but he seems less impressed than other critics (with the exception of Randall Lane). [NYT]

Peter Meehan enjoys the tapas at Ostia, but suggests that the trend may have played itself out. [NYT]

Alan Richman gives what may be the first totally negative write-up of Gramercy Tavern: Apparently the food is complicated and bland, the service undersupervised, and the room lacking in personality. A major blow to new chef Michael Anthony. [Bloomberg]
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The first quickie review of Anthos comes to us courtesy of Bloomberg junior critic Ryan Sutton, who says the food is too expensive and not that great (and such small portions!). Like Amalia, the other restaurant he beats down, Anthos has been open about two weeks. Tsk-tsk. [Bloomberg]

Paul Adams is among the very first to review 15 East, finding it “ethereal” but noting that it’s possible to leave there less than full. But on the whole, the praise is what you’d expect for the former operators of Tocqueville. [NYS]

Leo Carey agrees that Falai’s food is highly refined and beautifully executed, but adds little to the conversation. [NYer]

Sietsema singles out just what to go for at the established Alfama, gently avoiding knocks on the things he didn’t like (of which there were several). [VV]

Anthos Broadsided, Gramercy Tavern Hammered