Alt-Weeklies (Heart) Xochitl

OK. Xochitl, the much anticipated Headhouse Square Mexican joint from the owners of Marigold Kitchen, has been getting a lot of love lately. This week, both the CityPaper and Philadelphia Weekly sent their reviewers to Xochitl. Basically, here’s the gist of the reviews:

Kirsten Henri at the Weekly: “Sombrero-free” service (!), “Xochitl is confusing to pronounce and Google-defiant”, good sopes and queso fundido, Vetri influences courtesy of Chef Jimenez’s work at said restaurant, pork shank “falls off the bone in moist, flavorful shreds” and the chipotle ice cream gets points.

Elisa Ludwig at the Citypaper: “The liquids are as serious as the solids at Xochitl”, “an enticing place to tie one on”, “focus squarely on Pueblan cuisine”, “five different ceviches on the menu”, “a Fred Flintstone-size braised pork shank”, and “pechuga de pollo rellena [is] a thin-pounded, sesame-crusted chicken breast rolled up then sliced in cross-sections that show off its plump filling of more spinach, pine nuts, and a mother-and-child-reunion combination of huitlacoche and corn”.

BTW, it’s pronounced “so-cheet”.

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[Photo: Philadelphia Weekly]


Alt-Weeklies (Heart) Xochitl