Restroom Report

A Visit to the Gastropublic Restrooms at Inn LW12th

Feel the flower power.Photo: Daniel Maurer
We’ve already remarked that Jeffrey Jah seems determined to make his new bi-level “gastropub,” the Inn LW12, the meatpacking district’s own little Spotted Pig. The place’s poutine hasn’t quite become the new gnudi, but we still wondered whether the trapping-and-fishing kitsch extended into the bathroom. Could Jah beat the super-cheesiness of the flower paintings that grace the Spotted Pig’s facilities?

Concept: Like the Pig’s digs, there are throwback picture frames hanging above modern tiles lining the bottom half of the wall. There’s nothing in said frames (except for one displaying a cartoon of French sailors), but there are plenty of flowers on the wallpaper.

Privacy: Just two unisex bathrooms means there may be a wait — and not as star-studded a wait as at the Spotted Pig, where Alex Kapranos once asked if we were “queuing for the loo.”

Amenities: Upstairs, a gilded marble table holds giant paper-towel rolls; downstairs, a small stool fashioned from a tree trunk.

Drawbacks: Did we mention the meatpacking district?

Strategy: Chivalry lives in this part of town; ladies, if there’s a line, flirt your way forward.


A Visit to the Gastropublic Restrooms at Inn LW12th