More Chodogate Fallout; KFC Seeks Papal Blessing

Bruni has but a few baffled words about Chodogate. [NYP]
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KFC seeks a papal blessing for its Fish Snacker sandwich. For real. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert apparently has a huge Latin following, and he will be hailed as a hero when he arrives in Miami this weekend for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. [Miami Herald]

Nobu Matsuhisa serves his advanced Pacific-rim fusion food just the way his mother made it. [Bloomberg]

The whispers of extinction seem to be wrong. Alain Ducasse has reannounced his intention to open in the St. Regis in March. [Berry Bros. & Rudd, UK]

Backyard-raised chickens: the new bourgeois trend in Brooklyn? [Brooklyn Record]

Whole Foods eats Wild Oats (Market) to keep itself strong and healthy in its path to world domination. [NYT]

Fast-food chains are protesting the city’s new regulations requiring them to post calorie counts; it would simply be too friggin’ complicated. [NYP]

Other restaurateurs have taken the spotlight, but Danny Meyer still has a book to promote and continues doing stimulating Q&As.; [WP]
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More Chodogate Fallout; KFC Seeks Papal Blessing