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Rocket Rod Dances Back Into the River Café; Nobody Likes Ilan

Rod Stewart, banned for life at the River Café for pulling his own “rod” out, gets readmitted after a penitential jig for owner Buzzy O’Keefe. [NYDN]

McDonald’s coffee “the cheapest and the best,” according to Consumer Reports. Of course, it was only going up against Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks. [NYDN]

Frank Bruni also thinks Marcel got the shaft in the Top Chef finale. Does Ilan have any fans in the media at all? [NYT]

SushiSamba’s long struggle to have a roof deck finally pays off — for the city, to the tune of $500,000. They’re going to have to sell a lot of mojitos. [NYP]

Serious Eats surveys some noodle experts, including media go-to guy David Chang, on where the best are in New York. “David Bear” includes a simple recipe for ginger-scallion noodles. [Serious Eats]

Gastronomic luminaries advise Chow readers what to bring to their Super Bowl party. New York is represented by Frank DeCarlo of Peasant, Alexandra Guarnaschelli of Butter, and Neal Harden of Pure Food and Wine. But all the recipes sound pretty good. [Chow]

Michael “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” Pollan went a step too far in his recent New York Times Magazine attack on nutritional science, and continues to demonize scientists, says Slate. “It would help me to accept Pollan’s claim to the contrary if I could think of any other topic in the universe so complicated that it defies scientific investigation,” Daniel Engber writes. [Slate]

The rise of the dessert bar, both here and elsewhere. A very solid piece — and of course, it goes without saying, Room 4 Dessert’s Will Goldfarb plays a prominent part. Sam Mason’s investors will be very happy if they read this. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Rocket Rod Dances Back Into the River Café; Nobody Likes Ilan