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Trans Fats Versus Razor Blades; ‘Times’ Inspired by Our Restroom Report

Bruni ponders bathrooms, giving a shout-out to Grub Street’s Restroom Report; apparently the Sultan had a pretty nasty encounter with the ones at Gordon Ramsay. [NYT]

Hamptons officials loosen up and consider lifting the music ban in restaurants — if there’s very tight regulation of it. [NYP]

E! wrap-up on the Top Chef finale, including a plate-by-plate account of the competition’s Last Supper, which is more interesting, to us anyway, than whether Ilan got his money and new oven. [E!]
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Bret Thorn’s Valentine’s Day roundup. It is, like its author, highly unsentimental — but very informative. [NYS]

A New Jersey prison guard at a prison for sex offenders is “America’s toughest wine expert.” He doesn’t talk wine to the inmates but says he’s “the resident wine geek for the other corrections officers.” [NYS]

On the heels of McDonald’s announcing their transition from using trans fats, Burger King announces that it’s testing its own trans-fat-free oils, planning to roll them out next year. Will the King forever be playing catch up? [SmartMoney]

And you thought trans fats were bad! Florida woman finds a razor blade in her Egg McMuffin. [NYT]

Trans Fats Versus Razor Blades; ‘Times’ Inspired by Our Restroom