Paula Deen Encounters ‘Proud’ Naked Man; Rats, Sysco Takes Over

Paula Deen is confronted with a naked man in a hotel and kindly gives him her newspaper to cover up with. Not the Food Network star we would have expected this story to be about. [NYP]

Rats, big ones, have taken up residence at the KFC-Taco Bell on West 4th Street and Sixth Avenue, and WNBC has the video to prove it. [WNBC]

A lot of New Yorkers are cooking up a storm for their Oscar parties. Personally, we think they would do better to heed Rob and Robin’s advice, and just order out. [NYDN]
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That Peter Pan peanut butter is indeed tainted with salmonella, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says. [NYT]

Los Angeles is bursting with cool new ethnic fast-food concepts. One or more of these is bound to be the next Pinkberry. [LAT]

Sysco is the restaurant-supply company that utterly dominates the food-service business in America. Here’s a good feature explaining why. [Slate]

A rich, character-driven profile of a mother-and-son Mexican restaurant operation in the East Village. [The Villager]

When is it okay to eat with your hands? Bruni says he likes to do it, but in surveying different chefs finds no clear answer. Drumsticks, especially little ones, seem to be the one thing they can all agree on, however. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro is still alive and apparently serving a pretty good pulled-lamb sandwich, the recipe for which is included here. [NYDN]
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Paula Deen Encounters ‘Proud’ Naked Man; Rats, Sysco Takes Over