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Platt and Nieporent Meet Again; Anna Nicole’s Refrigerator Speaks

Morandi: Nice place, but aren't the tables a little tall?
Morandi: Nice place, but aren’t the tables a little tall?haha Photo: RJ Mickelson/Veras

This week’s magazine spans the world of food, from Anna Nicole’s refrigerator to Drew Nieporent’s latest big-box feeding hall, reviewed this week by Adam Platt. Rob and Robin write about one of the most buzzed-about openings of the season, and Gael Greene checks out Sam DeMarco’s Fireside. And to round it out, we take stock of what, if anything, the skinny types consumed during Fashion Week.

• Adam Platt visits Drew Nieporent’s Mai House and isn’t so thrilled: Chef Michael Bao Huynh’s food can “sometimes be overwhelmed by this large, washed-out space, but if you focus on the simple things, you probably won’t be disappointed.” Probably not what Nieporent wanted to hear.

• All those spindly models and fashion types that were in town last week — do you ever wonder what, if anything, they actually eat? In a special feature, two models, an editor, and a show producer reveal their Fashion Week diets, hour by hour.

• TrimSpa is not going to take Anna Nicole Smith’s death lying down — not when there was a bottle of Slim-Fast in her refrigerator.

• Planning on sitting home in your pajamas and watching the Oscars? Then you’re going to want something good delivered. Rob and Robin provide the guidance, whether you reside on the East or West Sides.

•In this week’s In Season, Rob and Robin take up the yuzu, the Japanese lime prized by chefs like Josh DeChellis of Sumile Sushi for its unique flavor. DeChellis’s recipe for yuzu marmalade is included.

• Gael Greene visits Fireside, the much-hyped restaurant in the Omni Berkshire Place, and paints a picture of some appetizing-sounding comfort food, complete with sliders and smoked prime rib.

• And in openings, Rob and Robin announce the date for Morandi, Keith McNally’s long-awaited Italian restaurant, with former Gusto chef Jody Williams at the helm.

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Platt and Nieporent Meet Again; Anna Nicole’s Refrigerator Speaks