Pelaccio Opens in London; Hotel Gansevoort Boycotted

Zak Pelaccio’s new London restaurant (first announced here) finally opens and issues a press release with a menu. [Snack]

In a recent post, we called Michael Ruhlman a mandarin and critiqued his hauteur. Count us wrong on both counts: This response, titled “Grub Street Wankers,” and the vitriol that follows in the comment section, isn’t exactly high-minded. [Ruhlman]
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The big billboards erected on Hudson Street by the Hotel Gansevoort are so ugly that Pastis’ Keith McNally and 5 Ninth’s Joel Michel are refusing to take hotel reservations in protest. [NYP]

The precautions restaurants take against being burned by no-shows are understandable – up to a point. Sometimes they go far beyond reasonable. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Pinkberry grips the minds of Manhattan women. [NYT]

Gordon Matta-Clark’s art was inextricably linked with food, a fact pointed out by the current show at the Whitney. [NYT]
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No openings or closings for Fabricant today — just a new olive-oil supplier at Frankie’s 457, wine labels at Sotheby’s, and some new cherry pies, apropos of Washington’s birthday. [NYT]

You probably knew that Twinkies were highly artificial creations, but after reading this feature breaking down the snack cake’s every ingredient, you might want to steer clear of them for a while. [NYP]

Food and the workplace: Do they really mix? [Serious Eats]

Pelaccio Opens in London; Hotel Gansevoort Boycotted