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A Free Gift From ‘New York’ Magazine!

See, we can get burritos near the Fall Out Boy show!Photo: iStockphoto
Sure, you say, New York’s listings couldn’t be any more useful. They’re searchable, cross-indexed, and even come with a massive menu database that gets bigger every day. But what good does any of that do if you’re out and about without Web access? That’s where GO NYC enters the picture. This page shows you exactly how it works, but it’s actually so simple that we can sum it up for you in two sentences.

• Text-message the word “name” and the bar or restaurant to GONYC (46692) to get the address, phone number, and a note as to whether it’s a critic’s pick.


• Text the word “food” and a type of cuisine and neighborhood (i.e., “food pizza astoria”) and get up to twelve choices from which to pick.

And guess what — it’s free. So in a weird sort of way, we’re not even shilling for it.


A Free Gift From ‘New York’ Magazine!