What to Eat This Week

Good Eats for Fashion Plates

Oh baby, she likes it raw.Photo courtesy Pure Food and Wine
With Fashion Week almost here, some of you may have switched gears, thinking less about “Where can I find the perfect piece of foie gras?” and more about “How can I fit into a size 0 by Saturday?” We can’t presume to help you with that one, but we can recommend three guilt-free, non-Atkins options for eating well as the models parade into town.

You can never go wrong with sashimi, the tastiest of dietlike foods, and the outstanding Sushi Yasuda is so close to Bryant Park (that is, Fashion Week central) that you won’t even mind hobbling over in those spiked heels.

Newly installed Gramercy Tavern chef Michael Anthony is a veteran of Blue Hill and an old hand with produce. He’s serving an all-vegetable tasting menu in which he takes a lot of pride (see our recent interview with him). Juices and herbal oils do the work of milk and cream, and he promises that no one will walk away from the meal feeling stuffed — or hungry.

At the extreme, there’s Pure Food and Wine, the city’s only bastion of high-level “raw food.” There are no ovens, no cooking at all, but somehow the dishes manage to be totally appetizing without overly mimicking “real food.”

Good Eats for Fashion Plates