Ilan Hall Gets His Bling On; Chodorow Seeks His White Whale

Top Chef winner Ilan Hall is seen walking in the airport with paired Louis Vuitton bag and belt, white Nikes with pink laces, and a $12,000 Patek Philippe diamond watch. [Snack]

Jeffrey Chodorow offers an Ahab-like reward for the first employee who spots Frank Bruni, promising him a Caribbean vacation. [NYP]
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The social scene at Morandi is predictably exclusive: “When Keith McNally opens a restaurant, the famous will come. The fabulous will follow. The walk-ins will wait.” [Bloomberg]
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The Times comes out in favor of the soon-to-be-discarded menu calorie regulation. [NYT]

Constructions crews are attempting to rat-proof the infamous KFC–Taco Bell in the Village. [NYP]

After changing his mind about buying a hot dog, a male model forgot his ticket and ended up (he says) with a black eye from the door guard. [NYP]

A leaked corporate memo reveals that Starbucks management misses the days when the place always smelled like coffee. [Foodservice Blog/Nation’s Restaurant News]

Smith & Wollensky sells all its properties outside of New York to an L.A.-based restaurant group. The local properties are being bought by CEO Allan Stillman, who will continue to operate them. [Bloomberg]

Ilan Hall Gets His Bling On; Chodorow Seeks His White Whale